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1‘the trial is expected to last several weeks’

court case, case, lawsuit, suit, hearing, inquiry, tribunal, litigation, judicial proceedings, legal proceedings, proceedings, legal action
court martial
appeal, retrial

2‘the drug is still undergoing clinical trials’

test, try-out, experiment, pilot study
examination, check, assessment, evaluation, appraisal
test period, trial period, test run, trial run, probation, testing, dummy run
audition, screen test
informal dry run
technical assay

3‘Eleanor could be a bit of a trial at times’

nuisance, pest, bother, irritant, source of annoyance, source of irritation, worry, problem, inconvenience, vexation, plague, source of aggravation, thorn in one's flesh, the bane of one's life, one's cross to bear
informal pain, pain in the neck, pain in the backside, headache, drag, pill, nightmare
Scottish informal skelf
North American informal pain in the butt, nudnik, burr in someone's saddle, burr under someone's saddle
Australian informal fair cow
British informal, dated blister
British vulgar slang pain in the arse
North American vulgar slang pain in the ass

4‘a long account of her trials and tribulations’

trouble, worry, anxiety, burden, affliction, ordeal, tribulation, adversity, hardship, tragedy, trauma, reverse, setback, difficulty, problem, misfortune, bad luck, stroke of bad luck, ill fortune, mishap, misadventure
suffering, distress, misery, wretchedness, unhappiness, sadness, woe, grief, pain
informal hassle
archaic travails


1‘a three-month trial period’

test, experimental, pilot, exploratory, probationary, provisional


1‘the electronic cash card has been trialled by several banks’

test, try out, carry out trials on, put to the test, put through its paces, experiment with
technical assay