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1‘he's capable of any mean trick’

stratagem, ploy, ruse, scheme, device, move, manoeuvre, contrivance, machination, expedient, artifice, wile, dodge
deceit, deception, trickery, subterfuge, chicanery, sharp practice
swindle, hoax, fraud, confidence trick
informal con, con trick, set-up, game, scam, sting, gyp, flimflam
British informal wheeze
North American informal bunco, grift
Australian informal lurk, rort
South African informal schlenter
British informal, dated flanker
archaic shift, fetch, rig

2‘I think he's playing a trick on us’

practical joke, joke, prank, jape, stunt, antic, caper
informal leg-pull, spoof, put-on
British informal cod
North American informal dido
Australian informal goak
archaic cutup, quiz
Scottish archaic cantrip

3‘he entertained the children with conjuring tricks’

feat, stunt
sleight of hand, legerdemain, prestidigitation

4‘it was probably a trick of the light’

illusion, optical illusion, deception, figment of the imagination

5‘Arthur taught her the tricks of the trade’

technique, knack, art, skill
informal know-how

6‘he sat biting his fingernails, a trick of his when he was excited or angry’

mannerism, habit, practice, quirk, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, foible, eccentricity, way, characteristic, trait


1‘many people have been tricked by villains with false identity cards’

deceive, delude, hoodwink, mislead, take in, dupe, fool, double-cross, cheat, defraud, swindle, outwit, outmanoeuvre, catch out, gull, hoax, bamboozle, beguile
informal con, bilk, diddle, rook, put one over on, pull a fast one on, pull the wool over someone's eyes, take for a ride, lead up the garden path, spoof, shaft, do, have, gyp, flimflam
North American informal sucker, snooker, goldbrick, give someone a bum steer
Australian informal pull a swifty on
archaic cozen, chicane, sell
rare illude


    trick someone or something out

    ‘he was tricked out in wide silk trousers, a red sash, and a necklace of silver dollars’

    dress, dress up, array, attire, rig out, garb, get up
    adorn, decorate, deck, deck out, embellish, ornament, festoon
    literary bedeck, accoutre, apparel, bedizen, caparison, trap out, furbelow
    do the trick

    ‘a glass of whisky did the trick—I slept like a log’

    be effective, work, solve the problem, take care of the problem, achieve the desired result, fill the bill, fit the bill
    North American turn the trick
    informal do the necessary