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1‘Owen tripped on the loose stones’

stumble, lose one's footing, catch one's foot, slip, lose one's balance, stagger, totter, slide
fall, fall down, tumble, topple, take a spill
dated measure one's length

2‘taxpayers often trip up by not declaring taxable income’

make a mistake, miscalculate, make a blunder, blunder, go wrong, get something wrong, make an error, err
informal slip up, screw up, make a boo-boo
British informal boob, drop a clanger
North American informal goof up

3‘the question was intended to trip up the prime minister’

catch out, trap, trick, outwit, outsmart
put someone off their stride, throw off balance, disconcert, unsettle, discountenance, discomfit
informal throw, wrong-foot
British informal catch on the hop

4‘they tripped up the terrace steps’

run lightly, skip, dance, prance, waltz, bound, spring, hop, gambol, caper, frisk, scamper


5‘Hoffman tripped the alarm’

set off, activate, trigger
turn on, switch on, flip, throw

6‘when tripping through the Yukon, take time to explore our museums’

travel, take a trip, go on a excursion, go on a journey, go on a trip, journey, tour, trek, hike, cruise
rare peregrinate


1‘a four-day trip to Paris’

excursion, outing, jaunt
visit, tour, journey, expedition, voyage, transfer
drive, run, day out
British holiday, minibreak
informal junket, spin, hop
Scottish informal hurl
rare peregrination

2‘trips and falls cause nearly half of all such accidents’

stumble, slip, misstep, false step
fall, tumble, spill

3‘an occasional trip in the performance’

mistake, error, blunder, gaffe, slip, slip of the pen, slip of the tongue, lapse, oversight, indiscretion
faux pas
lapsus linguae, lapsus calami
informal slip-up, boo-boo, boner, howler, fail
British informal boob, clanger
North American informal goof, blooper, bloop