Synonyms of trounce in English:


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1‘Wigan trounced Halifax 32–8’

defeat utterly, beat hollow, win a resounding victory over, annihilate, drub, rout, give someone a drubbing, crush, overwhelm, bring someone to their knees
informal hammer, clobber, thrash, paste, give someone a pasting, whip, pound, pulverize, massacre, crucify, demolish, destroy, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, murder, flatten, turn inside out, run rings around
British informal stuff, marmalize
North American informal shellac, blow out, cream, skunk
US informal own

2‘he should be soundly trounced’

thrash, beat, whip, flog, lash, birch, cane, leather, spank, chastise, lambast
informal belt, wallop, give a hiding to, tan the hide of