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1‘tell me truly what you want to do’

truthfully, honestly, frankly, candidly, openly, to someone's face, without dissembling, laying one's cards on the table
informal with no punches pulled

2‘I'm truly grateful to them all’

sincerely, genuinely, really, indeed, from the bottom of one's heart, heartily, profoundly, veritably
very, extremely, awfully, dreadfully, frightfully, exceptionally, exceedingly, immensely, uncommonly, incredibly, most, positively
Scottish unco
North American quite
informal terribly, terrifically, tremendously, fearfully, desperately, seriously, majorly, hugely, fantastically, madly, legitimately
British informal jolly, ever so, dead, well, fair, right
North American informal real, mighty, awful, plumb, powerful, way, bitching
South African informal lekker
archaic exceeding, sore

3‘a truly dreadful song’

really, absolutely, simply, utterly, totally, beyond, perfectly, thoroughly, positively, completely

4‘this is truly a miracle’

without doubt, without a doubt, unquestionably, undoubtedly, certainly, surely, definitely, beyond doubt, beyond question, indubitably, undeniably, beyond the shadow of a doubt
in truth, really, in reality, actually, in fact
archaic forsooth, in sooth, verily

5‘the streaming system does not truly reflect children's ability’

accurately, correctly, exactly, precisely, faithfully, closely, unerringly