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1‘they walked across the springy turf’

grass, lawn, sod
literary sward, greensward

2the turf‘they are both devotees of the turf’

horse racing, racing, the racing world
racecourses, racetracks

3‘the vice president was keen to protect his own turf’

area of influence, sphere of influence, area of activity, sphere of activity, territory, domain, province, preserve
stamping ground, home ground
informal bailiwick
British informal patch, manor


1‘the front and rear lawns have been turfed’

grass over, lay grass on


    turf someone or something out

    ‘he was turfed out of office after 15 years’

    throw out, remove, eject, expel, turn out, fling out, force out, drive out, evict, dislodge, oust
    dismiss, discharge
    informal chuck out, kick out, send packing, boot out, defenestrate, give someone the boot, give someone their marching orders, throw someone out on their ear, show someone the door, sack, fire, give someone the push, give someone the heave-ho, give someone the old heave-ho
    North American informal give someone the bum's rush