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1‘she uncovered the cheese sandwiches’

lay bare, bare, expose, expose to view, leave unprotected, reveal, display, put on display, put on show, exhibit
unwrap, unveil, strip, denude

cover, conceal, clothe

2‘police claim to have uncovered a money-laundering operation’

detect, discover, come across, stumble across, stumble on, chance on, hit on, encounter, find, find out, turn up, unearth, dig up, dredge up, root out, hunt out, nose out, ferret out, grub out, disinter, extricate
expose, bring to light, bring into the open, unmask, unveil, reveal, lay bare, make known, make public, divulge, disclose, betray, give away, smoke out
informal blow the whistle on, pull the plug on, spill the beans on, let the cat out of the bag, nail
rare uncloak

conceal, hide, cover up