Synonyms of unctuous in English:


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1‘she sees through his unctuous manners’

sycophantic, ingratiating, obsequious, fawning, servile, self-abasing, grovelling, subservient, wheedling, cajoling, crawling, cringing, Uriah Heepish, humble, toadying, hypocritical, insincere, flattering, adulatory, honey-tongued, silver-tongued, gushing, effusive, suave, urbane, glib, smooth, smooth-tongued, smooth-spoken, smooth-talking, slick, slippery, saccharine
oily, oleaginous, greasy
cloying, nauseating, sickening
informal smarmy, slimy, bootlicking, forelock-tugging, phoney, sucky, soapy
North American informal brown-nosing, apple-polishing
British vulgar slang arse-licking, bum-sucking
North American vulgar slang ass-kissing, kiss-ass
rare saponaceous, pinguid

blunt, no-nonsense