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1‘her father's fate was still undecided’

unresolved, yet to be decided, uncertain, unsure, unclear, unsettled, indefinite
undetermined, indeterminate, unknown, unestablished, unascertained, pending, outstanding, in the balance, up in the air, debatable, arguable, disputable, moot, problematic, controversial, open to question, open to doubt, open, doubtful, dubious, borderline, ambiguous, vague
informal iffy, on the back burner, on ice
British informal dodgy

decided, sealed

2‘they remained undecided as to the precise role for the EC’

unsure, uncertain, doubtful, dubious, unresolved, indecisive, irresolute, hesitant, tentative, wavering, vacillating, oscillating, equivocating, dithering, uncommitted, floating, shilly-shallying, wobbling, vague, hazy, unclear, ambivalent, in two minds, torn, split
in a quandary, in a dilemma, on the horns of a dilemma, in doubt
informal iffy, blowing hot and cold, on the fence