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1‘the integrity of government statistics is being undermined’

subvert, sabotage, threaten, weaken, compromise, diminish, reduce, impair, mar, spoil, ruin, impede, hinder, damage, hurt, injure, cripple, disable, enfeeble, sap, shake
whittle away, eat away
informal foul up, botch, put the kibosh on, drag through the mud
British informal throw a spanner in the works of, queer the pitch of
North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of

enhance, improve, strengthen

2‘we had no other way to break in but by undermining the building’

tunnel under, dig under, burrow under, excavate, sap

3‘the damp had so undermined the structure that the wall fell down’

erode, wear away, eat away at, chip away, undercut

shore up, support