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1‘she was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle’

harmful, detrimental, destructive, injurious, damaging, deleterious, ruinous, malign, noxious, poisonous, insalubrious, baleful
risky, dangerous, perilous

2‘he had a bony face and an unhealthy pallor’

ill-looking, ill, unwell, in poor health, ailing, sick, sickly, poorly, indisposed, unsound, unfit, weak, feeble, frail, delicate, debilitated, infirm, valetudinarian, washed out, run down, peaky, out of condition, out of shape, in poor condition, in poor shape

3‘he had an unhealthy obsession with drugs’

unwholesome, undesirable, morbid, macabre, ghoulish, twisted, warped, depraved, abnormal, unnatural
informal sick