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1‘the old car was a welcome shelter for the occasional vagrant’

tramp, drifter, down-and-out, derelict, beggar, itinerant, wanderer, nomad, wayfarer, traveller, gypsy, rover, vagabond, transient, migrant, homeless person, beachcomber, person of no fixed abode, person of no fixed address, knight of the road, bird of passage, rolling stone
North American hobo
Australian bagman, knockabout, overlander, sundowner, whaler
New Zealand streety
informal bag lady
North American informal bum, bindlestiff
South African informal outie
Australian, New Zealand informal derro


1‘the Council provides facilities for vagrant alcoholics’

homeless, drifting, transient, roving, roaming, floating, unsettled, footloose, itinerant, wandering, nomadic, travelling, ambulatory, mobile, on the move, journeying, rambling, touring, vagabond, migrant, migrating, migratory, rootless
of no fixed abode, of no fixed address
archaic errant