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1‘the mineral veins in the rock vary in thickness’

layer, lode, seam, stratum, stratification, bed, deposit, accumulation

2‘the floor was made of cold, white marble with grey veins’

streak, marking, mark, line, stripe, strip, band, thread, fleck, dash, flash, swathe, strand
technical stria, striation, lane

3‘drinking produced a vein of brilliance in him’

streak, strain, trait, element, dash, dab, smattering, sprinkling, trace, hint, sign, suggestion, suspicion, indication, nuance

4‘he closes the article in a somewhat humorous vein’

mood, humour, temper, temperament, disposition, frame of mind, state of mind, attitude, inclination, tendency, tenor, tone, key, spirit, character, stamp, feel, feeling, flavour, quality, atmosphere
manner, way, style