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1‘the view from her top-floor flat never failed to please her’

outlook, prospect, panorama, vista, scene, aspect, perspective, spectacle, sight
scenery, landscape, seascape, riverscape, cityscape, townscape, snowscape
archaic lookout

2‘not all adolescents agree with this view’

opinion, point of view, viewpoint, belief, judgement, reckoning, way of thinking, thinking, thought, notion, idea, conviction, persuasion, attitude, feeling, sentiment, impression, concept, conception, hypothesis, theory, thesis, estimate, estimation, conclusion, verdict
statement, observation, remark, point
angle, slant, stance, posture, standpoint, approach

3‘as one walks down the lane, the parish church comes into view’

sight, perspective, field of vision, range of vision, vision, visibility, eyeshot


1‘they viewed the passing landscape from their carriages’

look at, gaze at, stare at, peer at, eye, observe, ogle, contemplate, regard, scan, survey, watch
look over, see over, be shown over, examine, inspect, scrutinize
catch sight of, glimpse, lay eyes on, spy, spot
North American check something out
informal get a load of, gawp at, rubberneck at, give something a once-over, give something the once-over, have a look-see at, have a gander at, take a gander at, have a squint at, clap eyes on
British informal have a dekko at, take a dekko at, have a butcher's at, take a butcher's at, take a shufti at, clock
North American informal eyeball
literary espy, behold, descry

2‘the law was often viewed as a last resort’

consider, regard, look on, see, perceive, judge, adjudge, estimate, deem, reckon, think of, treat


    in view of

    ‘in view of its location, no removal of the tumour was attempted’

    considering, taking into consideration, bearing in mind, keeping in mind, mindful of, taking into account, on account of, taking note of, in the light of, owing to, because of, as a result of
    on view

    ‘over one hundred of Van Gogh's paintings are on view in Amsterdam’

    on display, on exhibition, on show
    displayed, showing