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1‘the directive violates fundamental human rights’

contravene, breach, commit a breach of, infringe, infract, break, transgress, overstep, not comply with, disobey, defy, flout, fly in the face of, rebel against
disregard, ignore, pay no heed to, take no notice of
archaic set at naught

comply with

2‘her daughter's tomb had been violated’

desecrate, profane, treat sacrilegiously, treat with disrespect, blaspheme, defile, degrade, debase
damage, vandalize, deface, destroy
North American informal trash


3‘she did not like having her personal space violated’

invade, intrude on, encroach on, impinge on, trespass on, obtrude on, break into, interfere with, disturb, disrupt, upset, shatter

4‘he drugged her and then violated her’

rape, indecently assault, sexually assault, assault, force oneself on, force, sexually abuse, abuse, molest, interfere with, seduce
informal pop someone's cherry, bed
euphemistic have one's way with, have one's evil way with, take advantage of
dated ravish, deflower, defile, dishonour, ruin, take away someone's innocence