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1‘her vision was blurred by tears’

eyesight, sight, power of sight, faculty of sight, ability to see, power of seeing, powers of observation, observation, perception, visual perception
field of vision, view, perspective

2‘he gazes into the fire seeing visions of the ancestral pilgrims’

apparition, spectre, phantom, hallucination, ghost, wraith, shadow, manifestation, chimera, illusion, mirage, image
Scottish, Irish bodach
West Indian duppy
informal spook
literary phantasm, shade, revenant, wight, visitant
rare eidolon, manes

3‘they have visions of a more hopeful future’

dream, daydream, reverie, mental picture, conceptualization
plans, hopes
fantasy, fancy, flight of fancy, fanciful notion, pipe dream, delusion, figment of the imagination, prospect

4‘his conference speech was a little lacking in vision’

imagination, creativity, creative power, inventiveness, innovation, inspiration, intuition, perceptiveness, perception, breadth of view, foresight, insight, far-sightedness, prescience, discernment, awareness, penetration, shrewdness, sharpness, cleverness

5‘Melissa was a vision in pale lilac’

beautiful sight, vision of loveliness, feast for the eyes, pleasure to behold, delight, dream, beauty, spectacle, picture, joy, marvel, sensation
informal sight for sore eyes, eyeful, stunner, cracker, smasher, knockout, looker, good-looker, bobby-dazzler, peach, honey