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1‘five or six men were wading in the icy water’

paddle, wallow, dabble, slop, squelch, trudge, plod
informal splosh

2‘Tony waded across the stream’

ford, cross, traverse, walk across, make one's way across

3‘they could just click it up on screen, rather than having to wade through some hefty document’

work one's way, plough, plod, trawl, proceed with difficulty, labour, toil away at, plug away at
peruse, study
browse, leaf, flick, skim, look, thumb
informal slog


    wade in

    ‘police with truncheons waded in’

    move in, set to, set to work, pitch in, buckle down, go to it, put one's shoulder to the wheel
    plunge in, dive in, get stuck in, get cracking
    wade into someone

    ‘I waded into those skinheads’

    attack, set upon, assault, launch oneself at, weigh into, fly at, let fly at, turn on, round on, lash out at, hit out at, fall on, jump at, jump on, lunge at, charge, rush, storm
    lay into, light into, tear into, lace into, pitch into, beat up
    British have a go at
    wade into something

    ‘Flynn would gladly wade into the attack’

    get involved in, intervene in, get to work on, set to work on, tackle