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1‘a pond in which water buffalo wallowed’

loll about, loll around, lie about, lie around, tumble about, tumble around, splash about, splash around
slosh, wade, paddle, slop, squelch, welter
informal splosh

2‘a ship wallowing in stormy seas’

roll, lurch, toss, toss about, plunge, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list
labour, make heavy weather

3‘she seems to wallow in her self-pity’

luxuriate, bask, take pleasure, take satisfaction, indulge, indulge oneself, delight, revel, glory
give oneself up to, take to
enjoy, like, love, relish, savour, rejoice in, exult in
informal get a buzz out of, get a kick out of, get a buzz from, get a kick from
North American informal get a bang from, get a charge out of