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1‘the earthquake came without warning’

notice, advance notice, a word of warning, forewarning, alert
hint, signal, sign, alarm bells
informal a tip-off

2‘cigarette packets are required to carry a health warning’

caution, piece of advice, notification, information
exhortation, injunction, a shot across the bows, a warning shot across the bows
advice, counselling
informal a word to the wise

3‘a warning of things to come’

omen, premonition, foreboding, prophecy, prediction, forecast, token, portent, augury, signal, sign, threat
literary foretoken

4‘he was considering locking Lenny up as a warning to other young drivers’

example, deterrent, lesson, caution, exemplar, message, moral

5‘a further complaint may lead to a written warning’

admonition, caution, remonstrance, injunction, reprimand, censure, caveat
informal dressing-down, talking-to, ticking off, telling-off
British informal carpeting