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1‘a judge has now issued a warrant for his arrest’

authorization, written order, licence, permit, official document
writ, order, summons, subpoena
mandate, decree, fiat, edict

2‘a travel warrant’

voucher, chit, slip, paper, ticket, coupon, pass

3‘the legislation gives no warrant for this assumption’

justification, grounds, cause, rationale, basis, assurance
authority, licence, authorization, sanction, vindication


1‘the charges warranted a severe sentence’

justify, vindicate, call for, sanction, validate, be a justification for, be a reason for
permit, authorize, entitle, empower
uphold, condone, endorse, deserve, excuse, be a defence of, explain away, account for, offer grounds for, legitimize
support, consent to, license, approve of
merit, qualify for, rate, be worthy of, be worth, be entitled to, be deserving of

2‘the authors warrant that their texts do not infringe any copyright’

guarantee, affirm, swear, promise, vow, pledge, give an undertaking, undertake, state, assert, declare, aver, proclaim, pronounce, profess, attest
vouch, testify, bear witness
support, endorse, underwrite, back up, stand by