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1‘Philippa continued to watch him as he spoke’

observe, view, look at, eye, gaze at, stare at, gape at, peer at
contemplate, survey, feast one's eyes on, watch like a hawk, keep a weather eye on
inspect, scrutinize, scan, examine, study, take in, take stock of, glance at
see, notice, spot, glimpse, spy, catch sight of, lay one's eyes on, perceive, witness
ogle, leer at, make eyes at
pay attention to, regard, attend, take note of, mark
informal check out, get a load of, recce, eyeball, not take one's eyes off
British informal take a dekko at, take a butcher's at
literary behold

ignore, disregard

2‘he was being watched by plain-clothes police’

spy on, keep watch on, keep an eye on, keep in sight, keep track of, track, monitor, survey, follow, keep under observation, keep under surveillance
informal keep tabs on, keep a beady eye on, stake out
rare surveil

3‘we need to find a trustworthy person to watch the kids’

look after, mind, take care of, care for, supervise, superintend, tend, attend to, minister to, foster, nurse, guard, safeguard, protect
informal keep an eye on


4‘they came to a large set of steel doors, watched over by a single guard’

guard, stand guard over, keep guard on, protect, shield, preserve, defend, safeguard, screen, shelter
cover, patrol, police, picket, keep a lookout at

5‘most women watch their diet during pregnancy’

be careful about, be careful of, exercise care about, exercise caution about, exercise restraint about
be aware of, pay attention to, consider, take into account, take into consideration, bear in mind, keep in mind
mind, attend to, pay heed to


1‘Harvey looked at his watch and said ‘Time to get ready’’

timepiece, chronometer, small clock, timer
wristwatch, pocket watch, fob watch, digital watch, stopwatch

2‘we kept watch on the yacht’

guard, vigil, lookout, an eye
observance, observation, surveillance, vigilance, view, notice

3‘Ratagan took the first watch while the rest slept’

shift, stint, spell, stretch, turn


    watch for

    ‘he made idle banter as they watched for the van’

    look out for, wait for, await, stand by for, hold back for
    anticipate, expect
    informal keep an eye open for
    watch out

    ‘‘Watch out’ he yelled’

    be careful, be watchful, beware, be on the watch, be wary, be cautious, be on your guard, mind out, look out, pay attention, take care, take heed, have a care, be on the alert, be on the lookout, keep a sharp lookout, be vigilant, be on the qui vive
    informal keep an eye open, keep an eye out, keep one's eyes peeled, keep one's eyes skinned