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1‘a way of reducing environmental damage’

method, course of action, process, procedure, technique, system
plan, strategy, scheme
means, mechanism, routine, manner, approach, route, road
modus operandi

2‘she kissed him in her brisk way’

manner, style, fashion, mode, method

3‘I've learned my lesson and changed my ways’

practice, wont, habit, custom, characteristic, policy, procedure, convention, fashion, use, routine, rule
trait, attribute, mannerism, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, oddity
conduct, behaviour, manner, style, nature, personality, temperament, disposition, character
modus operandi, modus vivendi
formal praxis

4‘he tried to remember which way led home’

road, roadway, street, thoroughfare, track, path, pathway, lane, avenue, drive, channel
route, course, direction

5‘I'll go out the back way’

door, doorway, gate, exit, entrance, entry, portal

6‘the mill stands a short way downstream’

distance, length, stretch, journey, extent
space, interval, span, gap, separation

7‘April seems a long way away’

period of time, time, stretch, term, span, duration

8‘she swerved to miss a car coming the other way’

direction, bearing, course, orientation, line, run, tack

9‘what do they call a missel thrush down your way?’

locality, neighbourhood, area, district, locale, quarter, community, region, zone, part
informal neck of the woods, parts
British informal manor
North American informal hood, nabe

10‘in some ways, he may be better off in Birmingham’

aspect, regard, facet, respect
sense, feature, detail, point, particular, characteristic, question, connection

11‘I hear that the country is in a bad way’

state, condition, situation, circumstances, position
predicament, plight
informal shape


    way of life

    1‘war in the region is hindering this traditional way of life’

    culture, civilization, society, lifestyle
    customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values

    2‘I aim only for a society that offers a decent way of life to all’

    lifestyle, way of living, manner of living, life, situation, position, state, station, condition, set of circumstances, fate, lot
    on the way

    ‘the doctor's on his way’

    coming, imminent, forthcoming, approaching, impending, close, near, on us
    proceeding, journeying, travelling, en route, in transit
    by the way

    ‘oh, by the way Katie, you had a call’

    incidentally, by the by, in passing, en passant
    give way

    1‘the government finally gave way and passed the bill’

    yield, back down, make concessions, surrender, admit defeat, concede defeat, give in, give up, submit, succumb, raise the white flag, show the white flag
    acquiesce, agree, concur, approve, assent
    informal throw in the sponge, throw in the towel, cave in

    2‘he crashed into the door and it gave way’

    collapse, give, fall to pieces, come apart, crumple, crumble, cave in, fall in, disintegrate, go to pieces

    3‘she never gave way to anger’

    succumb, yield, give in, submit, surrender, fall victim
    be overcome by, be overwhelmed by, be conquered by

    4‘grief gave way to a feeling of guilt’

    be replaced by, be succeeded by, be followed by, be superseded by, be supplanted by, be ousted by