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1‘they are old enough to wed’

marry, be married, get married, be wed, become husband and wife, become man and wife, pledge one's troth, plight one's troth
informal tie the knot, walk down the aisle, take the plunge, get spliced, get hitched, get yoked, say ‘I do’
archaic become espoused

divorce, separate

2‘he's planning to wed his long-term girlfriend’

be married to, get married to, marry, be wed to, take as one's husband, take as one's wife, lead to the altar
informal get hitched to, get spliced to, tie the knot with, make an honest woman of
archaic espouse, wive

divorce, jilt

3‘she wedded the old and new forms of spirituality’

unite, unify, join, link, connect, combine, amalgamate, fuse, integrate, weld, bond, stick together, bring together, knit together, glue, cement, coalesce, merge