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1‘she misjudged the weight of the book’

heaviness, mass, load, burden, pressure, force
poundage, tonnage
informal avoirdupois

2‘a recommendation by the committee will carry great weight’

influence, force, leverage, sway, muscle, teeth, importance, significance, consequence, value, substance, power, authority, prestige
informal clout, beef, pull

3‘that will take a weight off his mind’

burden, load, onus, millstone, millstone round one's neck, albatross, cross to bear, encumbrance
oppression, trouble, worry, strain
obligation, responsibility, liability

4‘the weight of the evidence is against him’

preponderance, majority, bulk, mass, greater number, greater quantity, larger number, larger part, best part, better part, main part, most, almost all, more than half, body, main body, lion's share, predominance, generality