Synonyms of wind in English

: wind1wind2


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1‘the slender pine trees were swaying in the wind’

air current, current of air
gale, hurricane
informal blow
literary zephyr

2‘he waited while Jez got his wind back’

informal puff

3‘you do talk a lot of wind’

nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, blather, blether
informal hogwash, baloney, tripe, drivel, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, rot, hot air, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, twaddle, guff
boastful talk, bombast, bluster, fanfaronade
British informal codswallop, cobblers, stuff and nonsense, tosh, taradiddle, cock, cack
Scottish, Northern English informal havers
Irish informal codology
North American informal garbage, flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa
US informal bellywash
informal, dated bunkum, tommyrot
literary rodomontade, braggadocio
vulgar slang shit, crap, bullshit, bollocks, balls
Australian, New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust


flatulence, flatus, gas
technical borborygmus

5‘a concerto for piano, violin, and wind’

wind instruments.

Synonyms of wind in English

: wind1wind2


See US English definition of wind

See UK English definition of wind

See Spanish definition of viento


1‘the road winds up through the mountainside to the village’

twist and turn, twist, turn, bend, curve, loop, zigzag, weave, snake, meander, ramble
swerve, veer

2‘he wound a towel around his midriff’

wrap, furl, fold
entwine, lace, wreathe

3‘Anne wound the wool into a ball’

coil, roll, twist, twine


    put the wind up someone

    ‘he's trying to put the wind up the competition’

    scare, frighten, make afraid, make nervous, throw into a panic, panic, alarm, unnerve
    give someone the heebie-jeebies
    North American spook


    in the wind

    ‘there is trouble in the wind’

    on the way, coming, about to happen, in the offing, in the air, close at hand, on the horizon, approaching, imminent, impending, looming, brewing, afoot
    likely, probable
    informal on the cards
    get wind of

    ‘White House officials got wind of the plan’

    hear about, hear of, learn of, find out about, become aware of, be made aware of, be told about, be informed of, hear tell of, have brought to one's notice
    hear something on the grapevine
    wind something up

    1‘Richard wound up the meeting just before noon’

    conclude, bring to an close, bring to an end, end, terminate, finish
    tie up, tie up the loose ends of
    informal wrap up

    open, begin

    2‘the company has since been wound up’

    close, close down, dissolve, liquidate, put into liquidation
    wind something down

    ‘a decision was taken to wind down the property development business’

    bring to a close, bring to a end, wind up, run down, close down, phase out
    North American close out


    wind down

    1‘he needed to wind down after the spiralling tensions of the day’

    relax, unwind, calm down, cool down, cool off, ease off, ease up, take it easy, rest, put one's feet up
    informal de-stress, let it all hang out, unbutton
    North American informal hang loose, stay loose, chill out, chill, kick back

    2‘the campaign was winding down’

    draw to a close, come to an end, tail off, taper off, diminish, lessen, dwindle, decline
    slacken off, slack off, slow down


    wind up

    ‘it's no wonder he wound up in hospital’

    end up, finish up, find oneself, land up, land oneself
    fetch up
    wind someone up

    1‘I knew Katie was just winding me up’

    tease, make fun of, chaff
    annoy, vex
    informal take the mickey out of, send up, rib, josh, kid, have on, pull someone's leg, rag
    North American informal goof on, rag on, put on, pull someone's chain, razz, fun, shuck
    Australian, New Zealand informal poke mullock at, poke borak at, sling off at
    British vulgar slang take the piss out of
    dated make sport of, twit

    2‘Alan was getting hot under the collar—David seemed to be winding him up on purpose’

    annoy, anger, irritate, exasperate, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, nettle, pique, get on someone's nerves, ruffle someone's feathers
    provoke, goad, work up, make tense
    informal aggravate, rile, niggle, get in someone's hair, get to, bug, miff, peeve, get under someone's skin, hack off
    British informal rub up the wrong way, nark, get across, get up someone's nose
    North American informal ride
    vulgar slang piss off