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1‘his hat was old and worn’

shabby, well worn, worn out, worn to shreds, threadbare, tattered, in tatters, in ribbons, in rags, in holes, holey, falling to pieces, falling apart at the seams, ragged, frayed, patched, moth-eaten, faded, seedy, shoddy, sorry, scruffy, dilapidated, crumbling, broken-down, run down, tumbledown, decrepit, deteriorated, on its last legs, having seen better days, time-worn
informal tatty, ratty, the worse for wear, clapped out
British informal grotty
North American informal raggedy, raggedy-ass
Australian, New Zealand informal warby
literary rent

new, smart

2‘her face looked tired and worn’

strained, drawn, drained, worn out, fatigued, tired, tired out, exhausted, weary, wearied, wan, sapped, spent, careworn, haggard, hollow-cheeked, hollow-eyed, gaunt, pinched, pale, peaky, pasty-faced, washed out, ashen, blanched
informal worn to a frazzle, all in, done in, dog-tired, dead on one's feet, dead beat, fit to drop, played out, fagged out, shattered, bushed
British informal knackered, whacked
North American informal pooped, tuckered out, gassed

fresh, energetic