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1‘the new Church rejected the worship of saints and relics’

reverence, revering, worshipping, veneration, venerating, adoration, adoring, -olatry, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, praising, praying to, glorification, glorifying, glory, exaltation, exalting, extolment, extolling, homage, respect, honour, honouring, esteem
dulia, latria
rare laudation, magnification

2‘morning worship’

service, church service, religious rite, religious act, prayer, prayer meeting, praise, devotion, religious observance
matins, morning prayer, vespers, evening prayer, evensong

3‘he contemplated the pin-up with worship’

admiration, adulation, idolization, deification, lionization, hero-worship


1‘they do not worship pagan gods’

revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage to, honour, adore, praise, pray to, bow down before, glorify, exalt, extol
be devoted to, dote on, love, hold dear, cherish, treasure, admire, esteem, adulate, idolize, deify, hero-worship, lionize, have a high regard for, hold in high regard, hold in esteem, hold in awe, look up to
informal be wild about, put on a pedestal
archaic magnify
rare laud

loathe, despise