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1‘he wrote her name in the school jotter’

put in writing, write down, put down, put in black and white, commit to paper, jot down, note, note down, make a note of, set down, take down, mark down, record, register, log, list, make a list of, inscribe, sign, scribble, scrawl, pencil

2‘I'll go and write a poem’

compose, draft, create, invent, think up, draw up, formulate, compile, put together, pen, dash off, produce

3‘he had her address and was going to write’

correspond, write a letter, communicate, get in touch, keep in touch, keep in contact
informal drop someone a line, drop someone a note


    write someone or something off

    1‘they have had to write off loans and lose their investments’

    forget about, disregard, give up on, give up for lost, cancel, annul, nullify, wipe out, cross out, score out

    2‘he drove off the road and wrote off his new car’

    wreck, damage beyond repair, smash, smash up, crash, destroy, demolish, ruin
    British informal prang
    North American informal total

    3‘who would write off a player of his stature?’

    disregard, regard as finished, consider unimportant, dismiss, ignore