Synonyms of zero in English:


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1‘the sum's wrong—you've left off a zero’

nought, nothing, cipher, nil, 0
Computing null character
archaic naught

2‘the allowable dolphin kill will be gradually reduced each year to zero’

nothing, nil, nothing at all, not a single thing, not anything, none
Northern English nowt
informal zilch, nix, not a dicky bird
British informal damn all, not a sausage, sweet Fanny Adams, sweet FA
North American informal zip, zippo, nada, diddly-squat, a goose egg, bupkis
British vulgar slang bugger all, fuck all, sod all
archaic naught, nought

3‘his energy levels were at zero’

rock bottom, the bottom, the lowest point, the all-time low, as low as one can get, low-water mark, the depths, the nadir
informal the pits


1‘zero the counter at the end point of the tape’

return to nought, return to zero, adjust to zero point


    zero in on

    ‘different scientists chose to zero in on different diseases’

    focus on, focus attention on, centre on, concentrate on, home in on, fix on, pinpoint, give prominence to, highlight, spotlight, underline, emphasize
    informal zoom in on